by Detox Retox

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Tracked in a barn in Poolesville, MD and at home in spring 2010. Available via CD and digital formats. CD Release show 6/19/10 at the Black Cat.


released June 15, 2010

Detox Retox:
Michael Parker - Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Nate Frey - Guitar/Synth
Kevin Glass - Bass
Kabir Khanna - Drums/Percussion

Engineered, Mastered, and Produced by Andrew Maury
All Songs by Detox Retox
All Lyrics by Michael Parker



all rights reserved


Detox Retox Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Close to You
Follow my finger down the line
I wanna see you when you shine

Pour out your cocktail, it's the only thing that's dry
So I'll pass on cocaine blushes and the lushes to my right
But to my left is all the liquid sex I’ve been waiting for all night
I’m kicking TV sets and cigarettes, come over and waste my time

Close to you, when I get close to you
See I found a light in your insides and I’m looking for a clue
I’m chasing trails and fairy tales, but I’m never giving up
'Til I get closer to you, closer baby closer

So shine a light inside my heart tonight
Hold on tight and don't let go, you can’t let go
You’re the patron saint of sabotage, I see it in your eyes
But your lips are paper tigers and I’m stuck between your thighs

Driving the wrong way down the road, we still got a long way to go
And your hands are wrapped around my neck tell me what are you waiting for?

Hush, darling. Are you still awake?
Come follow my directions
Red-letter day injections turn your insides into liquid
I’m feeling so addicted to the pain beneath your skin
Forgive us for our sins
Track Name: Caroline
Un, deux, trois, Caroline
Nobody else is watching
I'm surrounded by machines
And are we on our way?

Come on closer, come on close
Are we in too late, are we in too late?
Feet don't fail me, don't fail
Are we too late, are we too late?
Track Name: The Cult of Reason
Kill 'em all, you can’t fight ‘em, so watch them as they scream
As they drown like rats in pyramids, and they drink their empty dreams
Kill ‘em all, you can’t fight ‘em, you've got nothing left to prove
You're a legion, be a legion 'cause they'll never be like you

So let’s toast to the sinking cities, who celebrate as they drown drown drown
C’mon, come away with me, lets suffocate and take you down down down

But baby we're so young, she smiles and bats her lashes, wets her lipstick with her tongue
Like there’s always enough time to be so young and so in love
But there never is time to feel its glow
And by mid-point conversation I'm letting go

Kill ‘em all, the silhouettes and scum that covers everything
Around you that never will never ever amount to anything
You see the world is your diamond and they're attracted by its shine
Kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all, there’s nothing left to save inside
Track Name: Too Late
Don't call a doctor, she's dead, said the man by the fire
Her heartbeat is gone, and she's wearing a wire
Shut that door, said the host with a shout
Nobody leaves until we figure this out

The boy stands and then he sinks to his knees
He covers his face so that nobody sees his despair
A young lady in pearls
Dead by the foyer as onlookers stare

Now it's too late, too late to let go, I'm gonna turn you inside out
And when you fall, china doll, I'll be there too
Don't you know I'll never leave you, read the signs in my own blood
Secret love, I'm cutting you open to see what you're really made of

Silence stems the violence, as the constables pound on the door
So run now, get out somehow, says the doctor, they'll catch you, they'll kill you for sure
shakes her wake up, baby wake up, oh please open your eyes,
He pleads as he whispers and strangers take pictures
He drops two train tickets and cries

Diana, please don't go
I need you here now
I can't do this thing on my own.
Track Name: Sleep Around
The curtain call is taking all your sense of self-control
Well everything she does in bed, she picked up from rock and roll
So I'm unraveling her nylons just to pull her strings
To fill her heart with thoughts of violent dreams

While singing
Liberty, this is liberty
Everybody, everybody thinks you're dead
And I can't sleep because at night in my dreams
I see terrible, terrible things

Stop, don't shoot
I've got so much left to prove
I swear I never, never knew you were alive
So don't leave me here to die
Alone and cold on Valentine's
I swear I never knew you were alive

And it's baby, oh love
Is this the end?
Is this the end of all our hopes?
Is it the veil and hangman's rope
For you and for me?

I don't pay to sleep around
I just cover up my eyes
Pick my jawbone off the ground
Everybody, everybody thinks you're dead
Track Name: Dispatches from the Chernaya Rechka
Don’t be hasty honey, you can’t just cover up those screams
With all the drugs that money can't buy to satisfy your needs
And I won’t stand idly by and watch you go

Pistols at dawn is the echo, your hands and the seconds are still
Deadly calm, and the meadow you stand in you're shooting to kill
And your sun, it shines 17 paces away
And the sound of a gunshot breaks up the morning display

And as you stand alone and watch him fall
It feels all sorts of different, as you hear that mournful call

Oh father, I am sorry for the evil that I've caused
For the honor that I’ve cost you and the pain that I have brought
Though these wounds are fatal, father please just tell me I’m your son
And that you love me and forgive me for all the evil things I’ve done

And I'm not ready, not ready, not ready, no

Well, I'm wide awake for this brand new serenade
That won't wash away, won't wash away with blood

And your sun, it shines 17 paces away
And the sound of a gunshot anchors the morning display
And as you stand alone and watch him fall
Well, it feels all sorts of different as you hear that mournful
What have I done
What have we become?